Friday, November 4, 2011

Here We Go

Now at last NBC is reporting that climate change is for real.  Maybe that should be rephrased to global warming is for real, because one of the researchers has determined that during the past year there were three times as many record warm days as record cold days ... up from the recent norm of 2 to 1.  So everything is in the ballpark that  I had expected.  Part of that is the reality that I had anticipated that people would really begin to "get" it when the situation had already gotten to be very serious.  If cattle are dying in Texas and there are major wildfires in TX, October snowstorm in New England, that would seem to me to be very serious.

Here is the link to the NBC program:

I hear the refrain from some that government must not regulate and interfere in the affairs of people and businesses.  Well here is a locus where we citizens to do something to avoid that.  We can take significant voluntary action to reduce our carbon footprints. Consider what happens if we do not do this.  As the situation gets worse, there will come a time when we are really threatened by this situation. At that point there will be the need for regulations and enforcement.  We will end up with police and other officials having to enforce rules for low carbon footprint.  Sort of like many of us now will be penalized if we burn open fires of brush in suburban or urban areas.  Thus, Libertarians and Conservatives along with everyone else to the more Liberal side, if we are worth our salt, should be pushing for voluntary action to reduce carbon footprints.

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